"Walked in... and found the right fireplace for my family.  I was guided by a business that can match your home with the most appropriate fireplace to provide a safe, secure, and warm environment.  Their priority was to provide the best product and friendly service in a relaxed setting and I appreciated that I could do business with a local company."

-Bettydoghouse (Houzz.com)

"I purchased a Weber Gas Grill from Busy Bear.  Friendly service and great knowledge of the products they sell.  Prices were competitive to anyone else, even online sellers.  I would recommend them for any grill, smoker, or fireplace purchase.  It is nice to have a customer focused, locally owned company to support. I also purchase my propane from them as they have convenient hours and they fill your tank with 20lbs of propane for the same price as you get 15lbs from the trade in places." 

-Nate W. (Yelp.com)

"Received great service when I recently purchased and had installed a new in-ground M.H.P. Grill.  The crew at Busy Bear took good care of me through the process and did a great job with the installation as well- the grill is connected to the natural gas line at my house. Highly recommend."

-Doug H. (Yelp.com)

 "If you're fortunate to live within 25 miles, or more, of Busy Bear you should not be shopping anywhere else for a grill, or fireplace products.  I happened upon this fine shop in search of a quality Weber Grill and also fireplace needs, and what I discovered is a place that offers the most knowledgeable people, and the highest level of customer service anywhere-no place else will give you quality products along with the level of service you receive here.  These folks are the best! I feel very fortunate to have found them.  Thank you everyone at Busy Bear!"  

 - Ken P. (Facebook.com)