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At Busy Bear Fireplace & Patio Shop we offer range of service and repairs for products and brands that we sell.  Let our knowledgeable staff help you with any of your fireplace or grill needs.

With any questions or to schedule a service call please contact us at (440)585.1500

Fireplace tune-up and cleaning:

Our starting rate for a tune-up is $119.00* (*Simple Service Call-does not include parts)  We will inform you of the service call price when scheduling and let you know a detailed estimate of any additional replacement parts needed.

Our fireplace and gas log safety check and service tune-up includes a full cleaning of the firebox, logs, burner, pilot, and valve assemblies.  We inspect the overall condition of your unit, complete safety check, and go over lighting instructions for your appliance.

gas grill tune-up

Get the best performance from your grill with regular maintenance.  We recommend a service cleaning of your grill at the beginning of the grill season. That way your grill is up for the challenge of many BBQ Parties throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall Season.

Our Gas Grill Tune-Ups include:

  • Complete cleaning of the inside of the grill
  • Careful inspection of cook box, grill mounts, burners, cooking grids, gas valves and gas lines
  • Detailed estimate if additional replacement parts are needed that are not warrantied
propane refill station:

We are a Propane Tank Refill Station. We fill your propane tank and do a full-fill versus the propane exchanges that only give you a partial fill.