For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

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Q: What measurements do I need for a gas/wood/glass door inserts or log sets?

A:  Please see image below, We will need several rough measurements of your existing fireplace so that we can determine what product will fit and price options for you.


Q:  What is a Vent Free or Vent-less Gas Insert/Log Set?

A:  Vent Free or Vent-less Gas Inserts/Log Sets are clean burning systems that operate with your damper closed or no damper at all.  Which makes them 99.9% efficient because your heat now is staying in your home versus going up and out your chimney.  However, there are some limitations to these appliances.  These units are only meant to take the chill off in the room and not meant to be left on continuously because they are using oxygen in the room for combustion. Manufacturers recommend a burn time of four to six hours.  We do not recommend using scented candles or potpourri while burning these appliances.  This is because whatever smell is in the air, the appliance is burning that oxygen and the unit can give off an odor when burning. Also moisture is a by product of burning vent-less appliances.  This is good for a dry environment but not so good for damp basements, kitchens, three season rooms or where additional moisture is not needed.