broilmaster3Reward yourself with a Broilmaster Premium Grill-designed to perform and built to last.

The deep Broilmaster Premium grill head surrounds food with a greater volume of heat and smoke, while its thick cast aluminum construction ensures consistent cooking temperatures.

Broilmaster offers more cooking configurations than your kitchen stove- including searing, grilling, broiling, smoking, slow roasting, indirect cooking, and even baking.

With its twin burner controls, your Broilmaster offers the ultimate in temperature management.  The P3X and P4X offer multi-level cooking grids to place your food at the perfect height and a 3-position lid prop to control heat and smoke.

All Broilmaster heads fit on their posts or carts, Create a grill that suits your needs-mounted on an in-ground or patio post or on a cart base.  You can complete your grill with side shelves and a front mounted shelf.




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